The Cost of diesel expected to rise and numerous organizations are not fully prepared’ – Concept Nova CEO

The Managing Director of Nigerian innovation organization, Concept Nova, Chukwuma Ochonogor has said that the organization’s creative fuel the executives framework has wiped out the test of fuel burglary endured by numerous organizations, particularly armada administrators in Nigeria. Ochonogor further expressed that the requirement for the FCS arrangement is inevitable as the expense of diesel is set to rise.

“Diesel is one of the best three costs most associations acquire each year. Comprehensively, over 72% of diesel obtained is utilized to work versatile resources while over 13% of diesel acquired is utilized to work stationary resources. As per an ongoing report discharged by Reuters, the expense of diesel is relied upon to spike comprehensively by almost 20%. This value rise could adversely influence GDP development and lamentably, numerous organizations are not readied.” While talking during a Product Knowledge Session held in Lagos as of late, Ochonogor clarified that the arrangement, Fuel Control System (FCS), arrives in a stationary FCS for tanks and a portable FCS for trucks.

As indicated by him, the innovation arrangement “is a special diesel the board arrangement intended to avert diesel misrepresentation, robbery and spillages that may happen anytime from the buy to the utilization of diesel.” Ochonogor closed by saying “Our FCS arrangement gives continuous point by point data about the diesel level, utilization and refueling exercises for FCS secured resources. With this data, entrepreneurs and associations can settle on better educated choices on operational costs, screen diesel utilization, appreciate a plenteous quantifiable profit, and set up a few control estimates that take out the probability of diesel robbery.”

In an ongoing Fleet Management Weekly report by Shell, two out of each five drivers have taken part in or seen fuel-related misrepresentation. Idea Nova’s Fuel Control System arrangement has helped numerous organizations address this test by driving persistent improvement to business activities and make worth equipped towards accomplishing a Connected Economy. Idea Nova right now serves a wide cluster of ventures, running from Oil and Gas, Financial Institutions, FMCG, Haulage and Logistics, Agriculture, Shipping and Delivery Services, transportation and others.

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